About Us

In 2004, Jacqueline “Jac” Hunt and Lisa “Jack” Dempsey founded Jac + Jack in Australia, born out of a fascination with clothing that balances style and ease.

Forever rooted in the relaxed sensibility of its birthplace, the brand now enjoys a unique split of its headquarters between Sydney and design studio in Los Angeles.

The unique appeal of Jac + Jack designs lies in a commitment to clothes that feel good when you put them on, using considered colour, cuts and quality, tactile fabrics. Their loyal customers around the world know they can rely on the brand for ideal, everyday pieces that last, as well as unexpected, yet satisfying style solutions for women and men.

“We create versatile clothes with elevated qualities that last and are loved”
-Jac + Jack


The story behind our organic tees.

We’ve always taken a considered approached in everything that we do. More recently, we’ve been having a lot of conversations around sustainability, looking at our processes and materials and trying to figure out how we make the best design decisions we can to reduce our environmental impact. Or better still have a positive impact. We’ve been asking ourselves, what does that look like practically for us as a brand? And where do we begin?

We approach sustainability as a design challenge, we don’t see things as being simply sustainable or not, eco or not – for us it’s about the idea of responsible design. We want to do the best that we can in all elements of the business. It’s important to us and important to our customers too.

Early on we realised we had to start where we are, rather than from scratch. We already design timeless classics and focus on carefully produced natural fabrics. The question became: how do we take it further?

It made sense to begin with a capsule and focus where the brand started 15 years ago - our tees. The first step was to switch to organic cotton. The switch is a great starting point but then from a design perspective it becomes about what you do with it.

We wanted to take it further, consider every detail and it’s impact on the environment.

Our capsule collection of organic tees was made in the USA in a fair trade-certified factory, run on solar power. The ‘Natural’ colour way is completely undyed and unbleached, the rest have been coloured in a best-practice, eco-aware dye house that reduces water consumption in the dye process by 75%.

Design is about making good choices. It’s a process, not an end result. Responsible design is the way we’re approaching sustainability at Jac + Jack.

These tees are just the beginning.